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Japan bravely lets go of the dangerous machine that is nuclear power


In response to a request from Twitter user @sinomoritsukasa, we’ve produced an English version of his masterpiece. Presenting Apple Watch.

My finest work today. Don’t let anyone tell you I waste my time at the office.

Bears doing bear stuff.

✓ unkempt beard
✓ waggling finger
✓ headgear
✓ “death to infidels unless they convert”

The wacko Harimaya senbei company trucks are out in front of METI again tonight. Truck 1: “Your Majesty, it’s a ‘globe revolution’! If things remain as they are, a hundred million will starve!” Truck 2: “Young policemen, young SDF recruits! The Emperor’s land is in danger! Defend the hundred million with the tokkō [WWII special attack forces, i.e. the kamikaze] spirit!” Back of both trucks: “Our divine punishment is the starvation of a hundred million. A Japan that disrespects agriculture and worships only money will die by its food.”


A plethora of options for Godzilla this evening.

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zomg this iPhone case

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Sanrio: Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a dinosaur.


(The following are my own observations, from having lived in Japan since 1978, being able to speak and read the language, and working on energy and environmental issues as a translator for government agencies, energy-related companies, and other organizations.)

Many of my nuclear energy advocate…