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Roar Power: Watanabe Ken Talks Godzilla

Japanese actor Watanabe Ken has become a Hollywood fixture in the past decade. His latest blockbuster role is in Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards. Nippon.com recently interviewed the global star, and he shared with us his views on the underlying message of the iconic character Godzilla today—60 years after its screen debut.

Worth a read, but the photos are the best part, really.



I had gyōza in my bentō today. This was me.

A friend of mine runs an inn in Niseko, Hokkaidō. He needs help during the summer months. He thinks a nomadic, young translator might be a good fit, because:

* It helps to be able to communicate in both J and E

* The inn work doesn’t take up that many of the hours, so there’s time left over to do freelance translation work

If you’re untethered and interested in getting out of Tokyo during the hot months, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him: durf at-mark mac.com.

I waited 20 minutes to cross a completely empty road, afflicted by extreme paranoia, and then I decided that the meaning of life was four video tapes running out of synch.

As this moment of deep enlightenment arrives you hear me falling into the ditch …

"When a nation with close ties to Japan comes under armed attack, and Japan’s own existence is threatened by a clear danger that the lives, freedom, or pursuit of happiness of Japan’s people could be overthrown, then it is constitutionally acceptable for Japan to exercise the minimum necessary amount of military force."

World Cup fever!

World Cup fever!

Early-morning soccer viewing catches up with Japan’s office workers

Set the controls for the heart of the Longcat Nebula.

Set the controls for the heart of the Longcat Nebula.

(via omgcatsinspace)

If you find good tacos in Tokyo, please share