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muji spice book

Traveling with your spice rack is not ideal. This is why Japanese company, Muji, has made a book of spices to make flavoring your food while away from home a little bit easier.

This book from Muji is full of pages that are made of spiced paper, which dissolve from the heat and moisture of cooking. Now that kick of white pepper or red chili is just a tear away. And, since it is compact and perfectly portable, the Muji spice book is ideal for when you’re traveling!

WTF is れおたたおつ. I call bullshit on this based on that frame alone.

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I totally forgot about this until today. Do they still sell the 2- and 3-liter cans of Kirin complete with actual Kirin spouts that whistle when you pour?

Japan bravely lets go of the dangerous machine that is nuclear power


In response to a request from Twitter user @sinomoritsukasa, we’ve produced an English version of his masterpiece. Presenting Apple Watch.

My finest work today. Don’t let anyone tell you I waste my time at the office.

Bears doing bear stuff.

✓ unkempt beard
✓ waggling finger
✓ headgear
✓ “death to infidels unless they convert”

The wacko Harimaya senbei company trucks are out in front of METI again tonight. Truck 1: “Your Majesty, it’s a ‘globe revolution’! If things remain as they are, a hundred million will starve!” Truck 2: “Young policemen, young SDF recruits! The Emperor’s land is in danger! Defend the hundred million with the tokkō [WWII special attack forces, i.e. the kamikaze] spirit!” Back of both trucks: “Our divine punishment is the starvation of a hundred million. A Japan that disrespects agriculture and worships only money will die by its food.”


A plethora of options for Godzilla this evening.

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zomg this iPhone case

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Sanrio: Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a dinosaur.